Universal Viewer configuration issues

We have the latest version of Universal Viewer module on our site (

I’ve copied the provided config.json into the theme asset folder and verified UV is loading it. Some configuration options do appear to be working, for example setting letfPanelEnabled to false does hide that panel.

However many options don’t appear to do anything, for example setting useArrowKeysToNavigate to true has no effect.

We are trying to emulate the configuration here.

When I copy that exact configuration into our config.json, this is what I see:

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 11 27 18 AM

Any ideas where we are going wrong?

Answering my own question here - our issue was related to our IIIF server settings (we are using the IIIF Server Omeka module). We needed to set the default behavior to “paged” instead of “none” in the module configuration to open up most of the book-like features we were looking for,

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