Universal Viewer appears across sites?

Running Omeka-S 3.2.0 and Universal Viewer

Is it expected behavior that if I install the Universal Viewer module (and the IIIF/Image Server bits that go along with it) that then the UV shows up across all the sites on my Omeka-S installation (whether I want to use it on a particular site or not?). And the only way to turn it off in some sites (that use one theme) and leave it on in other sites (that use a different theme) is to tweak the theme where I don’t want it to be used? Or is there an easier way to disable it in a site no matter the theme?

Can now answer my own question and perhaps it will help the next person who has to turn off UV on one site but include it on another (for example, I want to use “embed media” on a particular site and don’t want UV appearing on the same item page(s)).

Install the CSS Editor Module and then on the site where you DO NOT want UV to appear, add this code in the CSS box that appears when you click + CSS Editor. As far as I’ve been able to determine in my limited testing, this will stop UV appearing on your site.
#uv-1 {

You can use module BlocksDisposition to manage display options by site.