Universal Viewer and RTL

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It is my first message here, therefore before entering the main subject: thank you very much for developing all those good softwares!

We (the BULAC library) are looking to publish this autumn a batch of Arabian, Persian and Ottoman manuscripts with Omeka classic (2.5) and Universal Viewer plugin (2.4.5). I searched the web for my problems yet I’m new to all this and I’m struggling a bit. Surely I will try to update my instances soon. Anyway so far I’m bumping into two problems:

  1. the navigation arrows are not in the right direction to navigate (eg next page should be on the left)

  2. the page order is inverted on two page display (previous should be on the right, following on the left)

I’m looking for solutions or ideas for those problems (note that we will also publish manuscripts with LTR scripts hence we will have to mix RTL and LTR items). Or at least, as a work around, I would like to know how to have a one colon display by default, and hide the two colon one. It would be an acceptable trade-off.

Thanks again for the tools as well as thanks for the answers!

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This is a question related to the Universal viewer itself, the plugin is “only” an integration inside Omeka (with an iiif server). So you may ask on the site of universal viewer itself, https://github.com/UniversalViewer

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