Universal Viewer and metadata for multiple items

I am using Omeka S and the Daily theme. I have a collection of music singles and albums, and the best way to have them accessible is with the universal viewer module. However, the information for the files does not display in the player.

In this example, I have a music album with 28 files; they each have a track title. This info is not displaying in the player, and it is only showing the title of the item as a whole 28 times.

Any ideas on how to address this? Do I need to change how the information is arranged in the item?

Note: This is an Underground Punk Rock Collection, so language is not always presentable;)

Here is a link to the item:

The question is not related to universal viewer, but to iiif server. Initialy, the iiif standard was designed for images (International Image Interoperability Framework), so when there is one image in the item, the iiif server creates manifest with this image and skip other files. Universal Viewer uses the standard iiif for other formats than image, but it’s a little hacky. The next iiif standard version 3 will fix that.

So currently, the solution is to create another module and to use the iiif filter “iiifserver.manifest” to append the mp3s. The other solution is to remove the cover image, but it’s not what you want.

Well, I have no idea how to go about creating a module to fix this issue. So perhaps I needs to skip the UV viewer entirely for this project. Even when I remove the image it does not display the info for the tracks, the player lists them all with the same title like in the screenshot above.

Do you have any recommendations for how to get a music collection to display attractively in Omeka S?

Florida Memory had a great set up in Omeka Classic but I don’t have anywhere near the resources or skill to attempt something like it in Omeka S.