Unexpected sorting when using full-text search

We’ve noticed some weirdness with sorting item results when using the full-text search box in Advanced Search. This is happening for both the public and admin interfaces. In some searches that retrieve item records, sorting by the list of field options works as expected. At other times, it does not. I am wondering if some sort of relevancy sorting, or some other default sort, is overriding the sort-by-field options in these weird cases.

Here is an example on our live site: https://exhibits.library.umkc.edu/s/shining-a-light/item/search. If you search for “brouwer” in full-text search, the results sort as expected. If you search for “night” the results do not sort as expected. The same thing happens on the admin side as well.

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Yeah, I think what’s happening here is that using the “fulltext” search currently sorts by “relevance” first.

We may need to look at changing how that works, but we do want to maintain the relevance-based sorting in some of the places where the fulltext search is used.

That was my suspicion. I certainly agree with keeping relevancy as a sort option for the fulltext search. If it is possible maybe add a relevancy toggle to the fulltext search results so users could sort by relevance or a selected field in the sort list?

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