Twitter timelines?

I’m trying to include a twitter timeline on my Omeka v2.5 page (hosted with Reclaim Hosting).

Twitter generates a shortcode that should automatically create the timeline, but it isn’t working on Omeka. My troubleshooting has come up with the theory that Omeka isn’t running the right javascript necessary to properly interpret the twitter code, and that I need to add:

<script id="twitter-wjs" type="text/javascript" async defer src="//"></script>

To right before the closing body tag of my website.

I don’t however know where on Omeka to add this… I have access to the backend of my site, but I couldn’t find a spot that looked right to modify. Ideally I’d like for this to apply sitewide, but in a pinch I would settle for it working on a simple page.

You can edit your theme: check common/header.php and common/footer.php.