Tutoring/Online Classes

I live in College Park, MD. , and am looking for someone to install everything Linux and the required programs necessary for Omeka S, on a brand new 8 TB hard drive.
I am also looking for someone interested in teaching me how to use Omeka S.
I have a digital project that I must begin to migrate to a new content management system. www.lincolnarchives.org.
Any interested in helping me out, it would be greatly appreciated.
Karen Needles
Lincoln Archives Digital Project

Hi there,
The Omeka Team offers a variety of training options from introductory webinars to tailored and customized training solutions.
Please drop me a line at training@omeka.org. I’d love to connect with you and discuss your needs.
Have a great day,
Robin Fay
Omeka Outreach & Training Specialist

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