Troubleshoot Help - can't make a page go live

I moved a page to the nav bar which for the rest of our pages has been making them “go live.” I moved one and then went back to Page-Edit and changed the slug. Even though the slug updated in the Nav page, the page keeps encountering an error of Page Not Found when trying to open it while logged out of omeka (it works when I’m logged in). I’ve tried removing it from the Nav page and readding it, changing the slug back and I can’t figure out how to make it load while logged out…

Revising to say that two out of four pages have this problem so it seems not related to revising the slug…;

One more comment with the link: – this one works and one of the student exhibits listed below works; two don’t.

solved it - it seems to be because items are private within the page which then stops it from working?

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