Trouble with valueSuggest module


I am totally new with omeaka-s, I have only installed the valueSuggest module,and activated it.
When I go to the ressources templates and that I edit a ressource, I haven’t any property in the menu of the right
where it’s supposed (from the documentation) to be the data type dropdown and the value suggest option…
any idea of what is wrong ?

thanks !

Just to break down the steps: when you go in to edit an existing resource template, and select a specific property, there is no side bar? Or the side bar doesn’t have the extra part at the end (where the arrow is)

Hi brett,

I had a global problem of misfunction of omeka under xamp (on windows), I have solve that, migrating to a debian server, but I wish to know some futher things about the valueSuggest module and how it works, is there any step by step tutorial to write something like the ValueSuggest module?


All of the RRCHNM-developed modules have documentation in the user manual - including Value Suggest