Trouble Creating Advanced Search Dropdown

Hello, I am trying to set up an advanced search dropdown menu like that available in the Berlin theme, that has the magnifying glass icon button and the ellipses button. I seem to have missed incorporating some of the coding that shows the buttons and allows you to toggle whether or not you see the advanced search menu. I’m a novice to most coding so I was trying to find all the parts that the Berlin theme used and move them to the theme I am using (a modification of Astrolabe).

See here:

I got a similar problem (originating from a different cause) some time ago, so see whether this thread can help you with some hint: Search parameters displayed instead of ellipsis

It does seem like there might be some overlap to the issue here. How did you go about fixing your issue with the custom.php file? I’m looking at the omeka document you linked but it looks more involved than the issue at hand, and a bit over my head.

As I had used to retain the search order, once I upgraded Omeka I lost the changes to custom.php, so any page was not loading completely and that’s when the ellipses would come alive, so it may be you also are missing something that doesn’t let the page to load completely.

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