Trouble after upgrade omeka 2.2>2.6.1


I just upgrade my omeka 2.4 to omeka 2.6.1, everything seems ok, but after I copied plugins to the directory and open the plugins admin page almost all the plugins shows error " “This is not a valid plugin.”

and the exhibit builder cant show the pdf in the exhibition the pdf only shows a image link the viewer doesnt works, what can i do? :frowning:

Did you download new copies of the plugins, or copy over the old plugin folders from your previous version? Have you double-checked that the plugin- is no longer part of the folder name?

yes all the plugins are the last versions

Hi i just realize that some plugins are breacking my Omeka, when i installed generate the error apache 500 and the page plugin crash, but when i delete the plugin then the page is working again

Which plugins were breaking the install?

IIIF Toolkit, AvantCommon and utube import works in plugins, but when import a utube video the page in the exhibition linked to the video crash Apàche 500 again, if delete the plugins or the video the page works ok

maybe the file permissions are the trouble, is there a special permissions for the files like admin or files, iam using linux and apache has the read permission but the mysql needs other like write?

Read permissions should be sufficient for almost all plugins.

You’re combining several different issues here… it seems from your later messages that you resolved (at least partially) the “not a valid plugin” issue, since your problems are with actually running the plugins now, correct?

In general, for “white screen” 500-type errors, the best first step is to enable error display so you can see what is happening.

One simple option is that your plugins just need to be updated (2.2 to 2.6.1 represents quite a long period of time).

Thanks, permissions seems to be the problem, I fixed giving write and read permissions to the user SQL and fixed apache 500 problem