Trouble adding more than one Item Type Metadata to an Item

Hello, I’m using the Center Row Theme and I’ve created two Item Type Metadata fields, but I am having difficulty adding both of them to one Item. I can’t seem to add both Item Type Metadata fields to an Item. Whenever I click to add one, it removes the other one I have added in the drop down menu. Is there any way to add both Item Type Metadata fields to a single item? Thanks!

The idea with Item Types is that you set up a Type and add the metadata to it: each type can have multiple fields, but each item can only have one type.

So to do multiple pieces of Item Type Metadata that are custom and have them on the same item, you’d want to make just one type, and add both fields to that same type. You can also have a field be present in multiple types if you do want multiple types to share some or all of the same fields.

Thank you! This answers my question.