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Hi Omeka Team,
I am designing an exhibit for an Oral History Centre. I was under the impression that Omeka was open source and offered a free platform, however this seems to only be the case for users who are hosting their site which I am not able to do. Is there an open source option on If not can you tell me the time limit for the free trial? I am looking to exhibit a small collection of audio clips, and use Geolocation.
Thank you,

Geolocation is only available on Silver plans and higher on We do have some hosting suggestions if you wanted to run your own installation on your own hosting.

Omeka Classic is fully open source, but that does mean that the software is available for your use and modification. The open source status does not have any relationship to hosting options. The trial period for, which is our hosted service, is does not have a time limit, but has a small number of plugins and themes. The subsequent plans include more space, sites, and functionality for an increasing fee structure.