Translating Omeka S to Vietnamese

I just joined the forum and searched for issues with my problem without finding any answers or information.
I went and registered an account with Transifex to help in localising Omeka in Vietnamese.

I expanded the list of languages and found “Vietnamese (vi)” among the 72 languages of the list. 0% of strings were translated.
Then I clicked on the blue button to the right on top of the window that says “join the team”. Then, on the pop-up window, when choosing the language in the drop-down menu I was not able to find 'Vietnamese (vi)".
Thus I was not able to join the team to translate Omeka to Vietnamese. Can somebody from the Omeka Translation Team look into that issue?
Thanks for reading.

It looks like you did request to join the Vietnamese language team already, on the 30th, and you’ve now been approved so you should be good to go.

Thanks for the approval and for replying quickly.

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