Tmp folder problem when creating thumbnails


I am trying to fix a thumbnailer problem on my omekaS,

I realized that new thumbnails weren’t being generated on my system, and that even forcing them to be regenerated wouldn’t work.

In my error logs, i would get

 Thumbnails creation failed for media 2086: Failed to copy /var/www/Limunata_litteraria/files/original/93128024e4e53cfa9b7d4d0d12c69290410ba4c4 to /tmp/omekampN31r

I checked the permissions, and they seem correct

#ls -laZ /
drwxrwxrwx  53 root root ?  4096 May 17 09:15 tmp

As a matter of fact, the user www-data even has temp files written inside this folder, so i see nothing wrong.

I try to create a new temp folder, (/var/www/temp/), give it 777 and use it instead, but i got the same error

Thumbnails creation failed for media 2082: Failed to copy /var/www/Limunata_litteraria/files/original/2039336f682806bd64c3485c14e10a07fa07ec6c to /var/www/temp/omeka1EMTrp

And what’s even stranger, is that the /var/www/temp/ folder is filled with the temporary files, except that their permission is 500, and that they all weight only 1.

I also see them in the /tmp folder, but with the wrong owner (right?)
-rwxr-xr-x 1 administrator administrator 2181 May 11 09:49 omekaADbglZ

All my /files/ are owned by www-data:www-data; is the php script running as different user maybe ?

What could this be ?


If that happens to you - check if the files DO exist, and if their extension is written down in db.

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