Titles of collections and publications with numbers ( searching bug)


I have omeka classic 2.6, and I have problem searching collections and publications by their titles. What I mean is that, when there is a number in a title ( for example “8/aa/18”) the position can’t be found, despite that it is in the data base. What is the reason? And what would be the solution?
I’d appreciate all the help

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Do you get different results if you use the Item-specific “advanced” search available from the items browse page?

The sitewide search uses MySQL’s full-text search, and I’d bet it’s considering those slashes to be word boundaries, meaning you have 3 very short “words” in the text “8/aa/18”. MySQL full-text search by default won’t find any words shorter than 4 characters.

The item-specific search uses a different method to perform the search and shouldn’t have that restriction.

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