Thumbnails suddenly larger?

Hello, I am using Omeka Classic 3.0.1 with the Charlottesville Rally Theme. For the past week all of the new items added have generated significantly larger square thumbnail images for the items and collections pages.
The settings for thumbnail size were never changed. Now when I try to change the size settings for thumbnails, they still remain the same.
Could someone tell me how to ensure all of the thumbnails for my items and collections pages are the same size?

Thank you.

I can’t immediately think of anything that would cause the actual thumbnail sizes to change other than changing those settings. One possibility is that sometimes your experience of how big a thumbnail is really depends on how the CSS for a theme sizes the images, not on the actual pixel size of the generated images.

Can you share links that show the issue? Did this seem to affect old already-added items too, or just new ones?

Hello, thank you for the response! My site isn’t public yet, but I can show a screenshot

It is only affecting newly uploaded items, nothing has been retroactively affected.

And just to double-check, what are your thumbnail settings currently? The old ones look like a setting of 200 for the square thumbnails, and the new ones I’d guess are… 300?

The thumbnail settings are set to 300. It’s weird because on the browse items page all of the thumbnails are uniform size.

And if you change it (the square size setting) to 200, it doesn’t result in the “old” size again? This would only apply for files uploaded after the setting was changed.

Your newer ones do look consistent with a size setting of 300, so i don’t see anything amiss necessarily so far.

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