Thumbnails -- intermediate size when used in media embeds

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The page authors of my site complain that there are not enough options for sizing of images. Specifically that the default sizes (800px large, 200px medium) are unsuitable for them. They would prefer an intermediate size for media embeds. I see that the thumbnailer settings allow this to happen; you can customize the sizes used by the thumbnailer for the ‘medium’ images. However, that would modify search result pages and other places that use the ‘medium’ thumbnail. I could also scale down the ‘large’ type thumbnail, but then that would affect the item detail-view.

Is there any good approach to this? Possibly some CSS hack in the theme?


Probably the simplest thing to do is use CSS to size down the “large” images to the desired visual size. The themes pretty commonly do this already, constraining the actual displayed sizes of the images in one way or another.

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