Thumbnail gravity setting specific to item or media

Hi there,

The theme I’m developing heavily uses the square thumbnail type. However, sometimes the archive editors want to emphasize specific parts of the image. I see that you can use gravity in local.config.php to specify that a specific part of the image should be used for cropping thumbnails. However, they want the ability to specify a different gravity value that would be used to override this setting for each specific media.

Is that possible at all right now? How difficult do you think this would be for a developer to add?


The current thumbnailer doesn’t have support for varying the gravity based on the item or media.

As for adding it, I think the big issue would be adding a place to store that information of the desired gravity and then access it in the thumbnailer. The existing one doesn’t do this, but you could do things like making the setting exposed in the interface so it could just be switched more easily, and you could probably come up with a way to override it only for one particular upload.

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