Thumbails rotated for some images and no thumbnails for videos


I installed Omeka-s with success on windows server 2012 with wampserverx64.
I have Php 5.6.25; MySQL 5.7.14; Apache 2.4.23

I have 2 problems with thumbnails :

  1. Sometimes thumbnails of images are 90° rotated.
  2. No thumbnail is created for videos.

What I could do to resolve that ?

Thanks by advance

Often, the rotation issue is a result of a desktop viewer applying the rotation internally, but not actually changing the rotation to the image itself. So, editing the image in a different application might help to fix that.

For the videos, that generally depends on what ImageMagick knows what to do with a video format. First thing to try, if possible, is upgrading ImageMagick on the server to see if a newer version knows what to do with it.

It’s strange beacause with Omega classic i didn’t have these problems of rotation for the same files.
And I am using Imagick, no ImageMagick.