Third party items in Omeka exhibitions

Every now and then, we find the need to link to third party items in our Omeka exhibitions.

For example:

. a photo of an author of an item being showcased
. a cover page of an item not being showcased, but mentioned in the exhibition
. a photo of a location as it is today, where we’re showcasing historical items of that location

What is best practice in such cases? To just link to the items on 3rd party sites? To upload the items to Omeka as per usual? If the latter, is full metadata really required?

If they’re at stable linkable locations and you’re just using them as “extra” pieces in an Exhibit, it might make sense just to link/hotlink to things like that.

You can upload them if you’d prefer, and obviously what you do in that case with metadata is your own call. Some people might want to avoid putting such presentation-only items among the “real” items their site is exhibiting, though.

It’s really a judgment call based on your particular site and situation, I think.