Thesaurus hierarchy


I would like to use a thesaurus inside Omeka Classic. More precisely, it is a French thesaurus about objects (

I have two (related) issues:

  1. How can I visualize the hierarchy (example below) of the thesaurus inside Omeka Classic?
  • instrument pédagogique ou scientifique
    • instrument d’observation
      • instrument détecteur d’ondes électromagnétiques
      • lunette optique
        • longue-vue
        • lunette astronomique

Let’s says I have an item describing a “lunette astronomique” (so the more precise level). Should we say manually that this item is also a “lunette optique”, “instrument d’observation” and “instrument pédagogique ou scientifique”. If we do this, these four metadata are on the same level inside Omeka which is a problem.

The only solution that I could think of is to use the reference plugin with the tree view to reproduce the thesaurus hierarchy inside a page. But when visiting a item, there is still no hierarchy between thesaurus level.

  1. Linked to 1., what is the best way to enter the thesaurus information?

    • If I simply enter the last (more precise) level inside a meta, I lost higher levels information. One solution could be to enter the most precise level and have automatically the higher level created for this item. Is anyone aware of a plugin doing something similar?

    • I am aware of plugins LC suggest and Gettysuggest. To my knowledge, it is not possible to import my thesaurus (available in RDF/XML, Notation3 and Turtle format) inside one of these plugin to have autocompletion (correct me if I’m wrong). I can convert it to a simple text list and use if with Simple Vocab but big lists are not practical.