Theming Forms (Adding classes to form elements)

Hi There,

Is there anyway I can change the look of the forms using a theme? In particular I’m trying to add classes to form elements in the Collecting module.

Monica Wood

PS. The 15 character limit on title is a bit annoying, I wouldn’t let me simply put ‘Theming Forms’ as the title for the topic.

Maybe you can override the partials which display the form.

You copy the needed files (which display the form) from modules/Collecting/view directory to themes/yourTheme/view directory, then you edit them to add specific classes.

I haven’t tried, but I think it is possible.

You can also use other CSS selector (there is not many form tags in a Omeka S site).

I have looked at the partials used for the collecting module.

I believe the one that renders the forms on the page blocks is at:

However the line only calls the form (<?php echo $this->form($cForm->getForm()); ?>) , it doesn’t add anything like classes, so this must be done somewhere else.

I could just use CSS selectors, but I am creating a theme based on bootstrap, so it would be much easier to just insert the correct classes for the form and each input type.


I don’t know Bootstrap very well, but I believe it is not a good solution for Omeka S theming because you will have the same problem for each view Helper.

However, you can set class attribute with Element::setAttribute() method.

<?php echo $this->form($cForm->getForm())->setAttribute('class', 'my_css_class'); ?>

With SASS, you can also use other selectors (like the tag name selector) and import your Bootstrap class.