Theming exhibit : where do I rename my label?

Hi !
I’m re-viewing the front-end theming of a Thanks Roy theme, for exhibits display in Omeka (for a website which was installed by somebody else) : I’m looking for the file where we rename the default titles and so on : the main exhibit page is called “Parcourir les expositions (+nber of exhibits)” and I want to rename that… but I can’t seem to find any line of code with “parcourir” ou “expositions”. I know there’s usually a php file with all the php variable and labels, but I cannot find it…

Could anyone help me? Thanks you,

I assume you’re using one of the non-English translations, French I guess? That’s why you won’t find the string in any of the files, the source strings are all English, so it’s the English versions you’d find in the actual PHP view files.

The file that sets that title is views/public/exhibits/browse.php within the plugin. You can edit it there directly or copy it into your theme to exhibit-builder/exhibits/browse.php .

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Thank you jflatnes :slight_smile: Yes I’m working on a french version of omeka. Your answer is so helpful, because yesterday I also found some languages configuration files in those following paths in the application, but modifying them didn’t help : mywebsite/application/languages/
and : plugins/SimplePages/languages/
and : plugins/ExhibitBuilder/languages/

If I modify the mywebsite/application/languages/ I’ve got a big Zend Error saying that is not text file or something similar…

If I modify the “Parcourir les expositions” in the plugins/ExhibitBuilder/languages/ I’m back with the english “Browse Exhibit”

So I’m going right away to test your suggestion instead ! Thanks !

It works !!! Thank you sooo much ! Your answer has been so helpful :smile:

Hi again,

Just another question on this theming of exhibit : where can I find the count set up for pagination : I mean where does it say “put the 10 first exhibits on the first page, and the last exhibits on the second page”? Because I would like all the exhibits to be displayed on the first page (and antechronologically : from the last exhibit created on top to the first down) . I don’t see that on the browse.php

Thank you for your answer,