The "token" parameter must be set

I got a problem with Scripto. When I try to save a transskription I get the error: The “token” parameter must be set.
What I’m I doinf wrong?

What versions of the following are you using?

  • Omeka Classic
  • Scripto plugin
  • MediaWiki

I suspect the problem is that Scripto is not currently compatible with MediaWiki v1.37. See this announcement:

I’ll look into updating the plugin to account for these changes. In the meantime, you could downgrade your MediaWiki installation to v1.36 and everything should work as expected.

Thanks for your quick reply - and my slow response!

Downgrading to 1.3.6 did the job.


I recently released Scripto v2.5, which is compatible with MediaWiki v1.37.

Nevertheless, you can continue to use an earlier version of each.

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