The Sharing module does not have the expected behaviour


I have installed the Sharing module but it does not have the expected behaviour : I can share the static pages (such as the welcome page for example) but the sharing buttons do not appear on the pages of specific items.

I tried the module with the default theme as well as with my personnalized version of the default theme but none of them is working.

I do not have any error message, so that I do not know where to look in order to solve the problem. Did anyone meet the same problem ?

Thank you !

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To confirm: you do see the sharing buttons on pages you’ve built? So it’s not an ad blocker on your browser?
Can you share a page where this is happening?

Thank you for your answer.

I can see the buttons on the pages I built (and share those pages) :

but not on the item pages (nothing appears), I am not using any adblocker.
(the digital library is not online yet, so that I can not link to it)

If you use your browser’s inspector to look at that part of the page on your item, where the sharing buttons should be, does any code show up? Or does it go straight from h3 item to div class="property"?

There was no code showing up in in the source code. However, deactivating Basket (another module) solved my problem. I think that there is a compatibility problem between the two of them.

Thank you very much for your time !