The Daily theme...remove semi-transparent header

I’m trying to use the theme “The Daily.” However, on all the pages, there is a semi-transparent layer displaying the “search” element. Can’t find any way to remove or change it in the configuration. Help please!

Can you share a link or a screenshot?
Can’t get rid of the “Search” overlay

What versions of Omeka S and The Daily do you have? (I’m trying to replicate the issue)

The fancybox jQuery block you have in your <head> seems to be tripping up the javascript:

		<script type="text/javascript">

	             'type': 'iframe'

I think it’s trying to fire before the jQuery library has loaded. When I look at the inspector console, it points to that block with the error “jQuery is not defined”.

It is Omeka Classic 2.7
I don’t know what the “fancybox jQuery” means or how to change it.

Looking closer, it seems it’s related to the ConnectedCarousel plugin. Can you deactivate that plugin and see if that helps?

I deactivated ConnectedCarousel, but it didn’t help. I’ve considered moving to Omeka S, so maybe that would solve it? Fortunately, we haven’t built a complete site yet, so I don’t have to worry about migrating data.

Update: I’m told I shouldn’t put Omeka S on our server because it requires an update to PHP - which could break the WordPress sites that are on the server.

Ah, the problem is related to the “AvantSearch” plugin: it seems to completely replace the normal Omeka search box with a different one, which breaks this theme. If you disable AvantSearch temporarily you should be able to confirm that the problem no longer occurs.

Wow. That seems to have worked. Thank you!

I’m still trying to figure out what plugins are necessary to us and which aren’t. Guess I’ll figure it out through trial and error - but the help provided here is priceless. Many thanks.