Tags not working properly

Hi! My first post in the new forums - how exciting!

I am working on a new project, currently using Omeka 2.4.1 with the Mall-theme developed for the Histories of the National Mall project.

When I click on a tag or try to Browse by Tag, it takes me to the page http://artoneida.org/art/items/browse?tags=highlight
(for example) and says "No tags are available."
when it should take me to
without the “s”

Can anyone point me to where that is generated in the code so I can fix it?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Glad to see the mall history theme being used!

It seems, though, like something weirder is at work. Both tags and tag are designed to do exactly the same thing (which is also what I see on my installation, using the mall and other themes).

Any chance that there’s a plugin that’s causing a conflict? Or maybe a navigation page setting that does something different with tag vs tags?




look like the same results, so something a little weird is definitely at work

This looks like it’s a result of the theme being designed to load tags.php when a tag is being browsed.

The tags.php that ships with the theme is different than most: it’s set up to be just a slightly altered items browse page for browsing by a tag, when it’s normally a view for showing a tag cloud.

Your results look like you put the “standard” tags.php back, which makes its usage in the browse view not work correctly. You could take out the linked bit of code to just make the browse the same whether or not a tag is being browsed. Alternatively, you could rename the tags.php that ships with the theme to something else, and modify browse.php to point to that new name instead.

Thanks, guys! That’s right - I put the standard tags.php back to be able to have a tag cloud. I took out the code you suggested so that it just uses the standard browse for browsing tags - now working as desired!