Tags-Folksonomy in CSV file

Hi team,

How I can import the tags when I use importing CSV? I can’t find the function where I can assigned tags globally to the items in CSV file. Thank you very much!

That’s because in Omeka S, we’ve removed tags in favor of using more formal metadata, usually Dublin Core Subject. So, the best thing is probably to map your tags to that property.

I think I’ve seen modules out there in progress that add features more like tags, but I don’t think they connect to CSV Import yet.

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Hi Patrickmj,

I agree that the purpose of tags and subject is the same but technically they work differently to me . The advantage of using tags since the tags can be linkable. User can explore more the relevant items and also keywords via those access points. In addition, in Omeka Classic, we can assign tags to items in bulk via CSV file. However the keywords assigned as subjects in Omeka S are not linkable. I can see that we can link to the whole item not keywords in Subject field but we have to do it manually. Moreover, when I make a link to another item in Subject, it shows me two thumbnails of the same items.That makes a bit confuse! I think if the keywords in Subject property can be linkable, tags are not necessary to use. How do you think?

The Metadata Browse module will produce the links.


Thank you Patrickmj!

I have the same requirement as @Jane and I wonder if I should use the Folksonomy module, or the standard Subject field.

It seems that browsing by tags or advanced search by subject is not available.

What should guide me for using the Folksonomy module, or the standard Subject field for storing tags?

If using Folksonomy, I also wonder how to import tags from a csv file to Folksonomy tags…

About the csv import, it is already available in my fork (https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-CsvImport/releases).
About the subject, the “tag” and the “subject” fields should not be mixed if you want to follow strictly the dcterms recommandations. The “subject” property is designed for controlled values, but tags are for free tagging. In other terms, they are annotations on items, not metadata of items.
Nevertheless, many projects don’t need such a strict level of standardization, so your request is a good one, but this feature (save tags as subjects) is not yet implemented. I opened an issue on my repository (https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-Folksonomy/issues/7), but I don’t know when I’ll implement it.

I currently have tags in my resources.

I also have CSV data that get imported by CSVImport.

But, I can’t get tags to get imported from the CSV file.

I’m a bit lost about how to do that. Do I have to wait for a new release of Folksonomy module?

Thanks a lot.

What version of CSV Import are you using?

I’m using CSV Import version 2.0.0.

Hmm, okay. I was under the impression that Folksonomy would work with CSV Import 2.0.0 but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least yet.

Yes, it’s not yet possible to import tags with the last version of csv import.

Hi @Daniel_KM, I really want to import a large set of data (a csv file). This csv file contains tags.

Can you please tell me if csv import is now able to import tags?

If not, do you know if this would be in the next futur, or in the long long futur?

Thanks for your answer.

Is it only a matter of csv import? Or is there also concerns about the folksonomy module?