Tab Based Documents Similar to Florida Memory

Hi Omeka Users,

We are trying to create a similar page to the one on Florida Memory where each document/image is displayed using the tabs.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get something similar?

There is a lot of theme customization there, and I’m pretty sure it was done long ago on Omeka 1. If that’s right, whatever they did won’t work on Omeka 2.x.

It looks like they have put metadata on both Items and the Files associated with those items. Then, they added the file paging in such a way that the page links (I think that’s what you mean by the tabs) grab the file data for each item’s files and display it. So, there’s an awe(some)ful lot going on there.

To reproduce it, it looks like the first thing is to separate out item and file metadata. Those page links would be reproduced by checking the number of attached files, and creating the links.

That’s the basics of what looks to like is happening.

HI Patrick,

Thank you for getting back. Figured it would require a bit of work.