Susy is now deprecated... What should I use as a responsive layout engine for Sass?

Hello !

I’m going to make a theme for Omeka. In the doc, Susy seems to be recommended for responsive theme but it’s deprecated. What should I use? Grid, flexbox or should I use Foundation theme as starting point knowing it’ll be my first Omeka theme? And I don’t want to be stuck when I’ll need to upgrade or change something on a long-term period.

Thank you for your advice.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll make sure to update our guidance on Susy.

All the alternatives you listed are great starting points. Grid and flexbox are layout methods directly supported by CSS standards and not dependent on framework projects like Foundation. They require more setup from you as a developer. (They’re also the reason that Susy is now deprecated: it’s the functionality that Susy provided before it was officially supported by CSS.)

I made the Foundation theme using the ZURB Foundation framework to cut out a lot of this setup. They continue to be actively developed, so I’ve used their tools to make starting a theme easier. I would appreciate you trying the theme and providing feedback as to what works and doesn’t work for you as a new theme developer. This is a recently developed project that I intend to support for the foreseeable future, keeping up with Omeka Classic releases.

Thank you for your answer. I’m going to use Foundation as starting point. I’ll give you my feedback. And eventually I’ll have some questions about it!

Thank you again.

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Hello !

I think Foundation is a really good starting point to make a new theme.

Kim, I have somefeedback for you. Should I mp you on this forum or on github ?

I’ll eventually put my theme on my github this week! It’s far to be finished but it’s time to show what I’ve done so far and it’ll be easier to ask for advices and help.

It would be great if you could create issues on the theme’s github. Looking forward to seeing your theme!

Sorry I have been really busy. I’ll try to give you my feedback and my repo this week :wink:

The theme I working on is too specific. I’ve started another one few weeks ago. I hope I’ll be able to show something this week !

An alpha version of theme has been released yesterday: The possibility to put a large image, a vimeo or a youtube video and a timeline on the homepage. has been added. I don’t know where to put it it to get it tested and my code reviewed.

I have plenty of ideas to improve my theme, but due to some personal reasons, I won’t be able to really code them for a while.

Thanks for sharing. I’m excited to see how others use the theme and iterate on it. I’m happy to take your theme for a spin and provide some feedback. Is there anything specific you’d like to hear about?

Sorry, I’ve caught a virus that put me down… Hopefully, I’ll be better in few days and continue my theme. I want to finish the homepage. After, I will ask you some feedback.

Hello there !!!

I going to continue my theme this summer. My goal is to finish it within the end of the summer !

Take care,

Gilles L.