Sub-navigation items unclickable when navigation menu wraps in Default theme

Hi All,
I’m seeing that when you set up child navigation menu items in the Default theme and when you navigate to the site and narrow your window enough that the menu items wrap so there are two rows, that the sub-menu navigation items on the top row are essentially un-navigatable because you can’t make your mouse jump the gap to the sub-items. Like this:

In this you can see the row of “Fake navigation menu item” navigation items wrap due to the narrow screen, but when I hover over the “Fake Navigation Menu Item with Sub menu items” the drop-down goes under the second row of navigation items, so the mouse can’t get to it and the sub-items disappear when you attempt to do so.

Is there a fix or workaround for this?


I have the same issue: Submenus are not reachable because of a wrong mouse-over event.

Would be great to have fix soon. My theme ist default 1.4.2