Staff Feature Request for Resource Templates Values

I’m not sure if feature requests belong here or on the github page. I think it deserves discussion before reaching a github request anyway so let’s try here.

While creating the resource template, we have a section designated as “Subject” connected to a custom vocabulary. This works wonderfully. The + button on the form field to add additional “Subjects” to that looped object panel also works great.

The staff are asking to not have to hit that + button as some resource templates consistently will have an arbitrary number of subjects. So they wish to be able to set it as if the + button was hit say 2 additional times when creating new records.

I guess what I’m asking for in the future is if there is someway I can configure the number of values for a given field to show automatically without having to use the add value button. This may seem inconsequential for developers but reducing the number of clicks for adding records does equal incremental returns for us over long periods of time with many items added.

I think that’s a pretty reasonable request and something the templates could be well suited to.

This feature may be integrated in a near future in the module Advanced Resource Template (and to forbid multiple values when there must be only one).

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