Specify Folder in Stream Only Configuration


I have the Stream Only plugin v0.2.1. installed on Omeka Classic 2.6.1 in a shared hosting environment. It uses the Berlin theme.

My Omeka root is /web/cms and URLs point to /cms e.g. my_web_site/cms/admin

When media files are uploaded for an Item they are placed in /cms/files/original

However in the Stream Only configuration there is the “Folder for Storing Audio Files” option and I am at a loss about how to define this. According to the docs the purpose of this is to prevent download of files from this directory.

For example if I create the folder /cms/files/sonly then how do I then reference this in the plugin configuration?

None of these work:


When the Input Type Metadata is set to “Stream Only” to use the plugin audio files are placed in /cms/files/original and can of course be downloaded.

Advice appreciated.


Hello! You might also post this as an issue in the github repo for the plugin, as the authors of the plugin may not be on the forum

Thanks. I 'll do that.

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