Spanish lenguage

Is there version of Omeka S translate to spanish?

It looks like there hasn’t been any activity on the Spanish language files in Transifex. Those will come in new releases as progress is made there. Anyone can start adding to the translations.

Meanwhile, and unofficially, I began a provisional translation in GitHub. I also requested to join the translation team in Transifex in order to contribute to upcoming releases.

Lately, @jomagogo from the University of Valencia made a huge contribution to the translation to Spanish at Transifex. After his work, almost all the strings for the Omeka S core have been translated, although they need to be reviewed.

A huge thank you for your contribution!

I’m really glad to contribute to Omeka S community.

I hope the translation to Spanish will be useful and I ask you for reviewing it.

Special thanks @boca for his welcome to me to the Omeka S community.

Felicitaciones por el trabajo.
Is there a link for be reviewed.

This is the link to the translation at Transifex: