Some modules did not appear in Modules tab of sidebar

Hi Everyone

I am new to omeka s and I have encountered some very confusing problems.

I have installed and activated all modules (about 20) available on omeka s official site. But the strange thing is that I can only see 7 modules in Modules tab of sidebar when logged in as Global Admin. (As shown in the screenshot below)

And also, when I logged in as Editor, there were only 2 modules appeared in Modules tab of sidebar. ( Similar to the screenshot above )

How to make all the modules appeared in Modules tab of sidebar?

Appreciate any advice.


Not all modules will appear in the sidebar of the main admin - some of them work in the background and don’t have features that you can use, some are only configured from the modules management page, and some only show up on item or site pages (Mapping, for instance).