SolrSearch plugin prevent modification on solrconfig.xml?


I installed SolrSearch plugin in my Omeka and I wanted to do some modifications on the highlight in solrconfig.xml (for exemple the number of snippets) but even if I restart solr I can’t see any change. I did the modifications in the Omeka interface and it works.
The problem is that there is a possibility to do more specific changes in the solrconfig.xml that I can’t do in the interface.
So, I was wondering if SolrSearch is preventing this kind of changes or if I am just wrong and I am not doing the right thing.

Thank you for your time.

There are a few possibilities that are causing this issue. First, make sure you are editing that solrconfig.xml file that is with the core in your Solr installation, not the copy included in the plugin’s directory. Second, make sure you are editing the correct stanza within the solrconfig.xml file. I believe you want to make your changes in the <requestHandler> named select. Third, I think once you make the changes to the solrconfig.xml file, you’ll need to use the Solr admin interface to reload the core.