Solr Configuration - Dublin Core not indexed

I’ve installed the Search and Solr modules as documented here:

And I’ve configured and connected to my Solr node, created and populated an index with some success. However, none of my dc fields are getting indexed. No facets are available when I configure a search page.

To create the core in solr I copied the solrconfig.xml from the example-DIH folder that shipped with solr (/opt/solr-8.6.0/example/example-DIH/solr/solr/conf/ on my server).

Do I need to create or use a different solrconfig.xml? I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing wrong here. Any help will be appreciated.

I understand now. I have to configure the fields to be indexed in the solr config for my node in the Solr module. Sorry for the false alarm!

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