Size limit in header/logo files

Is there a particular reason why, in the year of our lord 2020, header and logo files in themes like Thanks, Roy are limited to 300kb? This seems ridiculously small, limiting, and unnecessary, and leads to a lot of image resizing hassles. Just curious.

And is there a way to edit code to get around it?

The file application/forms/ThemeConfiguration.php defines the limit on the MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE line; you can edit it there.

And, it’s a fair point: we could probably stand to increase this default (and make the limit more easily configurable).

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I think that making this feature configurable would make the development of themes more flexible. I develop and maintain a theme for several instances of Omeka that uses a custom hero image, and for each instance I have to change the source code of Omeka when I need to change that variable.

Out of curiosity, what’s a fairly typical size of the images you’re trying to use for that purpose?

Just to add a data point for possibly changing the default, also.

The hero images I use are around 600 kb. I usually set the MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE variable in application/forms/ThemeConfiguration.php to 1024.

For the logo image setting I use files of under 100k.

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