Sites > Resources settings cannot be changed

I am having trouble updating the setting at Sites > Resources > Item Pool page. When I make changes and hit Save, it all goes back to before changes. It seems only this page is now working. Any idea what’s happening?


What version of Omeka S are you using?

It’s version 2.1.1.

(We’ve also noticed that after upgrading, some of the search functionality has changed - but that’s another question I’m thinking to post…)

I can’t reproduce any issue with saving on that page…

Do you get any error messages or anything? Could you share a screenshot of the page possibly so we can see if anything looks amiss?

I don’t get any error and the message says it’s successfully saved. But the setting hasn’t changed from “exactly” to “contains”, not reflected on the front-end, either.

Is that the exact change you’re always trying, or does any change not work?

When those “by value” rows aren’t complete (say, if you pick “is exactly” or “contains” but don’t fill in any text to search for) then they get ignored, so what you’re describing here is just how it’s expected to work.

Thanks for pointing that out. I had misunderstood the Resources setting - I thought that’s where you set up what appears as default on the Advanced Search on sites. I wanted to set “contains” as default, as well as to remove Search by Class completely.

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