Sitemaps include hidden collections

We’ve just installed the sitemap plugin, although have not yet supplied the URL to Google, as our tests show that it includes a bunch of collections that we haven’t yet made public.

There’s actually only 49 URLs in our sitemap; 41 are collection-level, and the rest are all higher-level.

Am not game to activate at this stage, given that around half of the URLs will throw up a 404 error, and we don’t want to risk any detrimental effect from Google indexing.

Can anyone advise whether this is likely given the relatively small number of URLs in our sitemap (and also in our Omeka instance as a whole)?

Are you sure you’re testing as a non-logged-in user? Even though it’s a public URL, if you’re just viewing the XML in a browser when you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view non-public Collections and they’d be included in the sitemap.

You can check in another browser or an “incognito” or “private browsing” tab to be sure of what the XML will look like to Google (as Google won’t be logged in either).

Thanks, John, much appreciated. Yes, you’re correct. Going incognito showed up only public URLs :slight_smile: