Simple Pages always shows title and breadcrumb on a page [SOLVED]

Omeka 2.4.1 + SimplePages 3.0.8

For most of my Omeka installs I always remove the page title and breadcrumb (there is no breadcrumb on other Omeka pages so it looks inconsistent).
Looking at the views/public/page/show.php code I see some conditional statements, that can disable the title, breadcrumb and set the page body class. The condition uses the test:

if ($is_home_page):

but this is always false, even if a page is set as the homepage. Is it a bug or something wrong with my setup?

Maybe it makes sense to add two config options for the SiplePage, to be able to permanently turn off displaying of the page title and/or the breadcrumb?

Looks like this problem is only for the Seasons theme. The theme overrides the plugin’s default show.php file.