Simple Contact Form: Where is the contact info?

We’ve added the SimpleContactForm to our Classic site, hosted on When a visitor uses Contact Us:

  1. The form asks for the sender’s email.
  2. The notification from shows the content of the message but not the sender’s email.

a. What’s the purpose of collecting the sender’s email on the form?
b. Where does that information end up so that we can follow up?

Thanks, Greg

It is in the reply-to of the message you get from - if you expand the information on the message, you should see something like the below:

You are right! . . . with a bit of clarification. I bring all my email accounts into one email client (Mailbird), and that expanded information did not show in the Mailbird version. So, your solution prompted me to go online into my gmail account that I entered in the Simple Contact Form config, and the expanded information was there! Then, I went back into Mailbird and explored what would happen if I tried to reply to the email – and the “reply” automatically put in the sender’s email address, not the email address.

Suggestion: Put that info into the user guide. For example: In the notification email, expand the information in “To” and the sender’s “reply-to:” is listed. (Email clients may not show the “reply-to”; so you should try your email client’s “reply” to see if it populates “To” with the sender’s email, or you may need to go directly into your email account.)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you - we have updated the documentation and the changes should appear in the next few days.

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