Simple Contact Form v0.6 not working

Since upgrading to Omeka 2.6 and updating the Simple Contact Form plugin the form no longer appears.

Checking with Inspector in the browser I find that it’s being blocked - this message appears in console of the inspector:

Blocked loading mixed active content “”[Learn More] contact
Blocked loading mixed active content “”[Learn More] contact
Blocked loading mixed active content “”[Learn More] common.js:190:675

For now I’ve reverted to version 0.5 of the plugin which does appear (but plain vanilla).

Do you mean on the frontend or the backend? I’m assuming the frontend, but the frontend form doesn’t really have any changes in this version, except for some small accessibility changes. Neither the old nor the new version has anything beyond a “vanilla” form on the front and I’m struggling to think of anything that would make the form not appear.

Does the contact page appear and just not the form? A screenshot of the issue could be helpful.

It’s on the public page (is that the frontend??) and just the actual form is missing, The title and the (new) recaptcha appear.

I’ve been searching for this type of error - specifically with reference to .woff2 files but the only suggestion that came hear was the possibility that it might be to do with out server for the site not liking that type of file.

Will reinstall v6 and take a screen shot later - but it is this >>>
without the input boxes.

This is what I found on: - but I don’t understand enough to know if it’s relevant.


On many server configurations, the WOFF or WOFF2 file is not expected, even though it has become a very common font file. The default configuration for most web servers is to deny a request for any unexpected file type, including this one. This is why you see the HTTP 404 response, even though the file exists.

You simply need to update your web.config file to tell the web server (IIS) that this file is okay to serve, and how to serve it. Use your preferred or available method to edit the web.config file, including the built-in Configuration Manager module.

Find the <system.webServer> section in your web.config, and look to see if it already has a section. If it doesn’t create it. Otherwise, you’ll be editing it now.

In the example you see below, the section likely didn’t exist already, and it was added to the top of the <system.webServer> section, but before the section. In your site, you don’t need to have this exact placement. Just make sure that the section is found somewhere between the open and close <system.webServer> tags.


The important parts of the example above are the and tags for your font files. If you already have a section added, make sure those lines are added in your configuration file.

Once you save this update, your site will no longer display or report this HTTP 404 error for your WOFF or WOFF2 files.

The errors from your log really shouldn’t be related… they’re about loading the webfont files for icons… I’m not sure why those are appearing but they don’t have to do with this problem.

Looking at the current state of your contact page I think I see the issue: the contact form scrunched over on the right side of the instructions. It looks like you have some pretty complex HTML for your “instructions” area, including that the instructions float to the left. We made a small change to the form: removing some fieldset tags to improve the accessibility of the form. I bet the fieldset used to “clear” the float, and now that it’s gone, the form was actually rendering over to the right (where you previously had a map, I believe, which could have covered up the form).

Removing the floating from the instructions or just adding a clearing div to the bottom should resolve the problem.

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Please ignore all of the above - this was my fault and the error message was a red herring. It was trouble with divs!

Sorry to have taken up your time! My only excuse is that I’m recovering from a nasty bout of 'flu

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