Sideload files too slow in CSV import

Hello all!

I am trying to import to an Omeka S 3.0.1 instance a list of csv with CSV import + FileSideload. If I create new items without selecting the FileSideLoad files, everything is working like a breeze! Unfortunately, when I select (in the csv file) the files that are in the FileSideLoad, the items creation is so slow that most of the times it just stops importing. To test it I use a csv file with just 4 items to be created, but it takes 15 minutes for it to complete the job. The files in question can jpgs with one or two Mb only!

I have run some Omeka S instances before in different but similar LAMPs, and I don’t really know what am I making wrong this time! All the modules are the latest versions available in Omeka site.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Are the same files slow if you upload them the “normal” way directly on the item form?

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