Showing HTML pages outside Omeka-S 3


I have been searching about this doubt, I’m sorry if I’m asking about an already existent topic.

I’m using Omeka S versión 3.1.2 and I have created some internal tools for my partners; these pages are living in a subdirectory inside Omeka installation, it used to work in Omeka-S 2.

I have test subdirectory, when I try to access (http://myomekainstallation/test/my.php?pid=68) Omeka-S 3 returns a “Not found page” but no Omeka-S 2

Do you know why it happens and how should I resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

Omeka S’s .htaccess routes all requests for .php files underneath the installation’s top-level folder to the Omeka application. So by default, you can’t link to .php files that are underneath Omeka.

If these are just HTML, then having them as .html files would avoid the problem. If they need to be PHP, then you can override the normal Omeka .htaccess and allow access to them: try creating a .htaccess file in the “test” folder with just a single line in it:

RewriteEngine Off
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Thanks a lot for all!

It works, congrats!

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