Show all collections on browse collections page


We are grouping all of our collections so that we can fit them all on a single page, however Omeka will only return the first 10 collections. Is there a way to force Omeka to return all of our collections not just the first 10?

We are using Omeka 2.2.2

In all versions of Omeka prior to 2.3, the number of collections per page is locked to 10.

Omeka 2.3 and up make the collections browse page respect the “records per page” site setting, so simply upgrading Omeka (to at least 2.3 but preferably to the latest version) should allow you to configure the number that will appear.

Thanks, Unfortunately we are unable to upgrade at the moment and even then simply setting an arbitrary number is not exactly what we need.

I ended up creating a custom collections/browse.php for our theme and used $db->getTable('Collection')->findAll(); to get all collections, then performed the necessary grouping and display from there.