Shortcode sort not working on simple page

So, I am building a set of simple pages for collections in an image archive. Given their requirements for discovery/browse, I have a simple page for each collection.

The install is Omeka Classic 2.7.1 on Reclaim, using the Thanks, Roy theme. I am using the Collection Tree plugin with a simple hierarchy: 2 top level collections, all others under 1 of those 2 . I am not using the Item Order plugin. I do have the Dublin Core Extended plugin.

I have the following shortcode string:

[items num=0 collection=18 sort=“Dublin Core,Title” order=a]

It displays the list of items with thumbnails just fine, but sort does not work. Is there something simple that I’m missing? The one metadata element that is always present is Title.

It’s just not doing anything at all with the “sort”, no matter what you put?

Other elements, like sort=“Dublin Core,Subject” seems to be working

sort=random is working. It’s hard to know if the others are or aren’t working (like sort=added or sort=modified) because there was only a single load.

Does sorting by title just in the regular interface seem to work correctly? (Clicking on the table headers in the admin interface)

If you have the shortcode input correctly, the sorting in the admin should be exactly the same as what the shortcode does. One thing we sometimes see people do that causes an issue is accidentally using “smart” quotes inside the shortcode, which won’t work correctly.

Sort by Title in Browse Items works in the Admin interface and it also works in Browse Items in the web interface.

Any thoughts after a couple of weeks, @jflatnes?

We weren’t able to reproduce this problem, other than confirming the issue with “smart” or typographer’s quotes. Some of the examples in the manual formerly had incorrect “smart” quotes embedded in them, so if you started by copying and pasting an example from there, that could be a possible explanation for what’s happening.

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