Shortcode questions / gallery of tag images

Greetings, I am interested in creating a gallery of tags showing only thumbnails.

I’m new to shortcodes, and this gets me close, but I’d prefer not to display titles or descriptions

With the shortcode carousel, however, I WOULD like to have titles

Thanks for any advice!

There’s a showtitles option for the shortcode carousel. Have you tried using that?

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I will take a look, thanks!

Any suggestion regarding the tag gallery? Thanks!

What’s the shortcode you’re using there? I don’t think we really provide fine-grained options to remove pieces of the display there, though. Something like CSS Editor might be an option to just hide parts of the output, though.

[items tags=Monument]

We don’t really have options for that shortcode to change how those are displayed. The theme can control what’s shown for them (though the same code will control what’s shown for any images displayed as recent/featured on the default homepage).

You could use CSS in the theme or CSS Editor plugin to hide parts of the display you don’t want, also.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

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