Shortcode Carousel: Images changing position during cycle

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I’m Trying to implement Shortcode Carousel on a new site. I’ve used it before without problem on other sites. However, on this site (page and info below) the thumbnail images gradually change position and fall out of frame as the slideshow cycles through. I’m using a modification of a bootstrap Omeka theme and I fear that may be the problem. But I’m having trouble identifying why the position change is happening as I’ve done no modifying of the basic plugin.

Omeka Version 2.4.1 Shortcode - Carousel Version 1.01


You’ve got the whole thing sitting inside a pre element. pre makes whitespace and newlines and things like that significant, and seems to be the cause of your problem.

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Thank you! I couldn’t figure out where the pre was coming from for the life of me. But it was in the simple page. For some reason when I dropped in the shortcode it added pre tags that I couldn’t see until I switched to html view. I didn’t realize that could happen.

If you copied the shortcode from an example, it was probably in pre tags there. Usually it’s best to do that kind of pasting into the “source” view just because it avoids TinyMCE or your browser trying to be clever.